Top 3 Fishing Places in Paris

Paris is one of the major tourist destinations in the whole world. There are great places you would wish to visit whenever you feel the urge of fishing. You do not need to go to the sea or ocean to try some fishing. If you just want to do it for fun or even for personal consumption, once you are licensed you can always take part in fishing. This article tells you where exactly you can do your fishing. Here are the top three fishing places in Paris.

1. Street fishing. As said before, there are possible options for you to do your fishing. One of the simple ones is street fishing which is becoming popular with time. Initially, it was thought that the street waters are so dirty that no fish can survive in them. This is proved to be otherwise. There are actually salmon fish which is found in the pond within the streets. Such fishing is actually fun. However, do not risk doing the fishing if you do not have fishing lenience.

2. Lake fishing. There are lakes in Paris which you can use for fishing. The challenge with this option is that the lakes are located far in the upcountry. In such lakes, you are guaranteed to have fish of different types and sizes. You can get both salmon and cut fish and again in large numbers. The license factor for fishing applies even in the case of lake fishing.

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3. River fishing. The last major place where fishing is done in Paris is in the rivers. One of the known rivers for fishing is the Seine River. Visitors love visiting this river once they are in Paris majorly because of the art of fishing which they are made to enjoy there. In the river fishing, it is mostly done for fun and much fish may not be caught. However, you can catch a few for personal use. Fishing in the rivers in Paris is fun and most fulfilling even for training people to do fishing.